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All About Blazers


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All About Blazers

Blazers never really go out of style, though this fall, they are trending hard. In fact, I would say everyone is all about blazers. Walk down the streets of any fashionable, urban center and you will see the formerly business staple being paired with jeans all over the place.

Super Easy to Look Chic

A blazer with jeans, a great belt and boots, make it almost impossible not to look chic! Since jeans and boots are going to get thrown on anyways, why not swap a blazer for a sweatshirt and have your style game go up ten points? This look can balance out a frenzied, no time for hair and makeup morning, and pull together a relaxed overall feel.

womens fall trend blazer jacket womens fall trend blazer jacket


Which Print, Which Shape?

There are so many different types of blazers, though timeless plaids and houndstooths will never go out of style. Dark, moody florals are trending hard right now, though this floral number  is such a timeless print and silhouette, I imagine I will have it for many years. Love the way I can push the sleeves up, which is highly recommended for this look. Most slouchy blazers intend for pushed up sleeves with looser arm width, and slits for movement and cuffing. Speaking of shape, a slouchy, oversize blazer looks best when paired with jeans. One can still get away with a more “corporate” shaped style paired with jeans, if the top is kept relaxed. No huge shoulder pads please.

For different styles of jean options, visit here.

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