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Cute Mommy and Me Spring Dresses

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I love twinning with my mini‘s, especially during warm weather. Spring season is such a great time to stock up on cute Mommy and Me spring dresses. Warmer weather will soon be upon us, if it isn’t already where you live, so be ready for fun spring and summer moments with a set or two of cute mommy and me spring dresses. To save all the busy mamas some time, I put together popular mommy and me brands that offer shipping to your doorstep within 2 to 3 days, courtesy of Amazon Prime.

I’ve made it easy to shop in a couple ways. To shop the items directly below, you can click on the product collage, or click here, to shop these dresses.

I’ve also rounded up a bunch of stores on Amazon that feature cute mommy and me dresses, so you can click on the links below to be taken to their shop.


Mommy and Me Spring Dresses by popular Massachusetts fashion blogger, Jaimie Tucker: collage image of mommy and me spring dresses.

Cute Mommy and Me Spring Dresses


The Iffei Shop is a family-friendly fashion brand that offers a variety of Mommy and Me outfits. From matching swimsuits, cover-ups, dresses and pajamas – the options are endless! Iffei likes to convey a refined lifestyle in their clothing pieces. Their matching dresses are quite traditional, offering a wide selection of floral prints and spring colored palettes.

Shop their collection here:

Pop Real

The Pop Real Shop carries many of Amazon’s best selling mommy and me options. They provide wonderful clothing options at such affordable prices. Similar to the Iffei shop, most of their mommy and me dresses contain floral printed dresses and jumpsuits, ruffle-style dresses, chiffon-style dresses and lots of spring colored clothes!

Check out their pieces here:

Just Love

The Just Love store on Amazon offers a wide variety of comfortable pajamas and loungewear sets. For lounging around the house and taking it easy, these matching sets are for movie nights and cuddly pajama parties! All their sets are colorful, vibrant and definitely make a statement. I’m 100% certain your kiddies will love these sets because of how fun the color schemes are!

Shop their collection here:



The Mumetaz Shop offers such stunning clothing pieces! Most of their items can be dressed both casually and formally. I love the items they offer because they truly embody the meaning of Spring. The perfect pieces to wear to the park, go for a picnic or even on vacation!

Shop their collection here:


Last but certainly not least, the Qin.Orianna store is a huge Amazon retailer that offers simple but super cute Mommy and Me pieces! Similar to the brands listed above, most dresses offered are maxi-styled, traditional floral print and bohemian styled.


Check out some of their best selling dresses here:

Mommy and Me Spring Dresses by popular Massachusetts fashion blogger, Jaimie Tucker: image of Jaimie Tucker and her two young daughters wearing matching pink and white polka dot dresses while eating ice cream bars.


There is no better feeling than twirling around in the perfect or jumpsuit with my girls, and I’m so glad they’re into matching looks just as much as I am! To shop the exact pink with white polka dot dresses we are wearing above, click here, or click on the image.

Do you ever twin with your littles in cute mommy and me spring dresses?  Let me know in a comment below!

xo, Jaimie
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