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Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Daughters


Father’s Day is June 20th this year, and with two girls at home, I’m sharing Father’s Day gift ideas from daughters. As my girls grow older, I’ve been including them more in the gift giving process. We all want to teach our children the value of giving, right? And although giving material goods shouldn’t be the standard in teaching children how to show love and appreciation, giving someone you love a gift does feel pretty good!


Father's Day Gift Guide by top MA fashion blogger, Jaimie Tucker: product collage of items to buy a Dad for Father's Day


Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Daughters

Gift Giving Tips to Teach Children

Finding a meaningful gift for dad or your husband can be stressful, and a challenge. A rule of thumb that I use when giving a gift to a man that is hard to buy for, is giving him something he will use. This is a gift giving tip I have shared with my daughters, along with these other thoughtful ways to approach gift giving.


Ask these questions when getting Dad, or anyone else, a gift:

What does he usually like wearing?

Has he asked for anything recently?

What gifts would benefit both him and the family?

What would he enjoy doing with the kids?

Is it something he will use?

At the end of the day, what truly matters most is taking the time to put some thought into what he likes best, knowing that your children have hand-selected his gifts with love.

Gift Giving Tips by top MA fashion blogger, Jaimie Tucker: picture of gifts with text

Let’s take a peek at the 10 items I compiled for today’s post that I think would make great father’s day gift ideas from his family! You can click directly on the product collage, or click the individual links below to be taken direct to each item.

 Father's Day Gift Guide by top MA fashion blogger, Jaimie Tucker: product collage of items to buy a Dad for Father's Day


Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Daughters


1.Yeti Tundra Cooler 45: This product is the perfect cooler for your dad or husband to bring on his future fishing trips, road trips or even on the next family camping getaway! YETI products are built to endure the most grueling and most fun adventures, making the transitional travelling process that much easier!


2. Standard Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses: Aviator sunglasses are a sophisticated statement piece and a fantastic pair of casual sunglasses. They can be worn everyday and can be styled with just about anything in his closet.


3. Herschel’s Novel Duffle Bag: Perfectly sized, masculine, and convenient travel bag for weekend trips. It can also be used at the gym or at work. This bag also has side pockets making it easier to find his important smaller-sized items!


4. Coach’s Signature Coated Canvas & Leather Coin Wallet: Crafted from Coach’s iconic signature canvas, this wallet is compact, practical and designed to keep him organized. The multi-dark canvas makes it the ideal wallet to use all year round.


5. Venu GPS Smart Watch: This smartwatch will make it easier for him to listen to his favorite tunes, has a wrist-heart sensor and activity tracker to track his steps and physical activity, and a GPS feature that tracks his pace, distance and time. If he’s been looking for a smartwatch that is just as productive and innovative as an Apple Smartwatch (but not as expensive), this is the perfect one to get him!


6. UGG’s Ascot Slipper: A very popular, long lasting and best-selling footwear option for men that can be worn both indoor and outdoor. They’re so comfortable, your hubby will definitely not want to take these off and will most likely be their ideal footwear option for indoors and out.


7. Lululemon’s Short 9” Linerless Shorts: Men love wearing comfortable clothing, especially during the warmer days. These Linerless Shorts from Lululemon come in 11 different colours and are the ideal shorts to wear this summer! They’re made of lightweight fabric making them the perfect bottoms to wear daily or for those days he is looking to go to the gym or workout. If he prefers shorts with a liner, Lululemon has numerous options in a variety of colors. 


8. Patagonia’s Better Sweater Zip Jacket: A high-quality, lightweight jacket for him to rock on those unexpected chilly summer days. This product is Fair Trade–Certified sewn and was made using practices to protect the environment, build sustainable livelihoods, and boost economic empowerment.


9. Ooni Koda’s Pizza Oven Bundle: My kids loved the idea of this present because it would be a gift that will definitely benefit the whole family. You and your family will be able to serve up bubbling-hot pizza in your own backyard this summer! This bundle includes a pizza oven, carry cover, and pizza peel.

10. Cuisinart’s 20-piece Deluxe Grill Set: Did someone say a 20-piece Deluxe Grill Set?! This set is perfect for anyone who likes to grill or enjoys kicking it on their patio during the summertime. It’s easy to use, conveniently packed and also easy to clean.

Do you have any ideas for Father’s Day gifts from daughters? Share them with me below!

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