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Found on Amazon: Best Kid’s Basic Wear

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Best Kid’s Basic Wear

It’s so easy to shop Amazon for most things, and this includes children’s clothing. I especially appreciate the ease of being able to order something last minute, like for example when I discover my daughter has outgrown her tights or undershirts, and we have an event in a few days. I don’t have time to run to the store for one or two things. Here are some items that are tried and true kids basic wear. We have two daughters, though have tried to include an assortment for both boys and girls.

Amazon Essentials Girls 2-Pack Tunic

These tunics come in a variety of color combinations, I purchased the black and white combo for both of my daughters, though in preparation for back to school, will return and pick up several other colors. These 100% cotton, machine washable t-shirts are nice and long, hence them being called “tunics” and cover my daughter’s backsides as they roll around, like a five year old and one year olds tend to do.  No butt cracks here! The link will click you through to view Amazon Essentials, where you can also view options for boys.

Hanes Little Girls Ruffle Pocket Short

These soft, sweatshirt-like material shorts come in four colors, hot pink, blue, purple, and oh so chic black. We have all four colors since these are such an easy short for bed, playing sports, or just hanging at the park. They run a little large, which I don’t mind, since we will get more wear out of them that way.

Vaenait Pajamas

When the girls unboxed these pajama sets this past Christmas, everyone oohed and ahhed over how cute these pajamas were. They are so darn cute, that if you have unexpected guests pop over at 2pm and the kids are still in their jammies, it’s totally fine. They 100% cotton and I plan on stocking up again on some of the other prints this holiday season.

5 Pack of Cable Knit Cotton Tights

These thicker cotton tights are the best I’ve been able to find for quality and style. Trust me, there are some cheap tights out there that pill and look terrible after one wash, these are not it. The 5 pack of colors cover all your bases, and they run long, so don’t worry about shrinkage if you buy the appropriate size.

Amazon Essentials Fleece Jogger Sweatpants

The product description actually adds the word “Boys” in it, though I see no reason not to describe these comfy and stylish sweatpants as gender neutral. You’ll see I’m not the only one, several of the reviews describing these pants mention purchasing them for girls.

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