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Have You Tried a Facial Cleansing Oil Yet? Boscia Cleansing Oil Review


Have You Tried a Facial Cleansing Oil Yet? Today, I am reviewing the Boscia Cleansing Oil, scroll down to read more!

Boscia Cleansing Oil Review featured by top MA beauty blogger, Jaimie Tucker

Facial cleansing oils are a critical part of my late fall/winter skincare routine. Have you tried a facial cleansing oil yet? Initially, the thought of using oil on my skin was not appealing, though cleansing oils are fantastic at getting rid of makeup in a gentle way. Once the temperatures start to dip, I switch over to cleansing oil and use it once a day even when I’m not wearing makeup. It doesn’t leave an oily residue and  I feel like it nurtures my skin with its gentler consistency.

Listen to Your Skin

In the past, I thought the best way to cleanse my skin was to wash and buff vigorously to exfoliate. I now take a gentler approach, and listen to my skin. As outdoor temperatures start to drop, and indoor heating systems crank up, my skin demands gentler products that nourish and moisturize it. When skin is red and tight, I feel it is actually irritated and I may be doing more harm than good with harsher products. Everyone’s skin is different, though if you do find that in the colder months, your skin is feeling dry and irritated, it might be worth it to try a cleansing oil.

I adore Boscia’s Makeup Breakup Cleansing Oil. It removes makeup and surface pollution easily and thoroughly without drying out my skin. The skin nutrients it contains help skin to feel nurtured afterwards.

How To Use Boscia Cleansing Oil:

Instructions on the Boscia brand label are provided for the initial application of product on dry skin. I usually wash my face in the shower at night so I usually only apply it wet, though it also works well on dry skin.  Love how the product then emulsifies into a milkier consistency.  I massage it onto my face in a circular motion and then rinse with water. When using it on dry skin, you would also rinse afterwards with water.

Have you tried a facial cleansing oil yet? What was your experience with it?

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