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Nordstrom Spring Sale 2021: Top 10 Must Haves for Spring


Spring is a great time of year to refresh your wardrobe and home for the coming season. And best of all, spring is when stores have all their big sales!  Nordstrom is one of my go-to’s when I’m looking for a specific item, or even just looking to browse and see what the latest trends are. I never know what I might find, and the hunt makes shopping spring sales all the more exciting.  I recently bought three new dresses from Nordstrom for under $150! Yes, three!

Because of all of my latest sale finds, I decided to compile a group of the Top 10 Must Haves for Spring I would highly recommend adding to your cart! Whether they’re affordable, on trend or a great piece you will wear time and time again, these picks are my Nordstrom Spring Sale 2021: Top 10 Must Haves for Spring.

Nordstrom Spring Sale 2021: Top 10 Must Haves

Black Dresses

I never regret purchasing a casual black dress, because they look fantastic paired with so many staple items in every woman’s closet. I found some great and affordable pieces that will work in one’s closet no matter the season. These are perfect for  spring as we transition to warmer weather, and depending on how you style them, they will be on repeat during other seasons too.

A New Handbag


Nordstrom has a lot of great handbags and wallets on sale, items even up to 50% off! Check out some of my favorite picks from the Nordstrom spring sale collection here. A lot of items linked above are fantastic everyday spring bags and range from all different price points! With Mother’s Day and Graduation season coming up, perhaps one of these picks might make a good gift idea!


A Spring Blazer


The blazer trend has remained super popular the last few seasons, and just about anything goes. Take your pick from a variety of styles,  fitted to plaid, even oversized. Scroll through the carousel above to take a peek at what could be your next wardrobe staple.

A Pair of Flats


It’s time to book your pedicure, take the spring sandals out of the closet, and get ready to feel like summer is on its way! I was able to find several pairs of flat sandals at incredible and low-marked prices, in addition to flats that work well for many women’s return to the office and wearing office attire. Even if you plan on continuing to WFH, a pair of flats is always nice to have on hand for events and those days when you just don’t feel like wearing heels.


A Pair of Summer Sneakers


It doesn’t hurt to do a little sneaker refresh this spring! Wouldn’t you agree a fresh pair of kicks feels so good?  I look for cute sneakers that I know will style beautifully with many outfit choices. As everyone knows, sneakers can be worn with just about anything these days, so don’t hold back!  Check out some of my top and best-selling sneaker finds.


Nordstrom Spring Sale must haves featured by top MA lifestyle blogger, Jaimie Tucker

On-Trend Sunglasses


There are always a lot of unique and fun sunglass trends that make an appearance every year. Sometimes I like to splurge on shades but I also like the fact that there are plenty of affordable sunglasses out there so I can try the latest trends and not have to fully commit. Plus, my three year old has a habit of trying on my sunglasses and we’ve suffered a few casualties.  Here are some of the top and most affordable sunglasses from the Spring Nordstrom Sale.

Home Essentials


Whether it’s bedroom decor for your sanctuary or organizational compartments for your kitchen – I’ve found some wonderful home essentials that you’d never think you even needed. These pieces will definitely elevate any room it was designed to amplify, and be useful as well!

Good Steals for the Kiddies



Couldn’t forget about my girls! They are growing so quickly and play SO hard outside during the warmer months that I tend to look for well priced basics that I don’t have to worry about becoming “well used”. Plus, at ages three and seven, the girls are growing so fast, I can barely keep up when it comes to pants and shoes.


New Beauty Products


Now is a great time to shop Nordstrom’s beauty catalogue. I’ve attached some of the best-selling skin care and beauty products that I’ve either used or are interested in trying.  Products vary as I included several different items. Skincare is definitely a focus for me, check them out!

Bottom Pieces for the Win


It’s always a great day when you’re able to save a few dollars on a pair of bottoms, and the outfit options are endless.  I’ve put together the best selling midi skirts, popular athletic bottoms, denim, shorts and more to create lots of fun outfits this spring.


What about you? Are you planning on shopping the Nordstrom spring sale? Tell me what you’re looking for!

xo, Jaimie
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