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Top 10 Mothers Day Books on Amazon

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Top 10 Mothers Day Books on Amazon featured by top MA fashion blog, Jaimie TuckerBooks are always a lovely gift to give on Mother’s Day. During this time of staying at home, many people are enjoying the opportunity to catch up on reading. Or maybe they are finding the time to browse for new books, hurray!  Here is a list of my top 10 Mother’s Day books on Amazon. I love receiving a box of new books from Amazon to dive into, maybe your Mom will too!

Top 10 Mother’s Day Books on Amazon

The Home Edit

“A guide to organizing and realizing your house goals”. And goals these are. Who doesn’t love peering into other people’s closets and cupboards, especially when they are as well planned out and organized as the ones author Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin share. This best seller features organizational eye candy that is some of the best I’ve seen. And don’t just take my word on it, fans such as Gwyneth Paltrow agree. From guest bathroom drawers to study stations for the kids, this book is seriously fun to look through, and all resources are shared, including a starter set of labels.

Top 10 Mothers Day Books on Amazon featured by top MA fashion blog, Jaimie Tucker: The Home Edit

Daily Motherhood

This book compiles some of the most thought provoking and uplifting quotes about motherhood. With one for every day of the year, these quotes offer a serious pick-me-up for moms. When I am having a rough day and cursing the fact that my time and space is no longer my own, I turn to this book to put my mood in perspective. It’s inspirational quotes will soothe any frazzled mother, and reminds us all that being a mother is the most important, and rewarding, job in the world.

Top 10 Mothers Day Books on Amazon featured by top MA fashion blog, Jaimie Tucker: Daily Motherhood

Such a Fun Age

I recently purchased this book, and immediately got sucked in. Don’t you love it when a book does that? Author Kiley Reid writes about fictional boss mom Alix Chamberlain and her babysitter, and how transactional relationships can be complex and undefined. The realities of being an adult, and the transition from one stage to the next, are realistically played out with empathy. This is a Reese Witherspoon Book Club Pick, and has been designated a New York Times Best Seller.

Top 10 Mothers Day Books on Amazon featured by top MA fashion blog, Jaimie Tucker: Such a Fun Age


If Mom hasn’t read this memoir that has been designated a best seller by just about every book list in the country, this is a definite pick. I had the experience of seeing author Tara Westover speak live at a media conference in Boston last year. Her memoir details her experience born into a survivalist family in the mountains of Idaho and her journey to earning a PhD. at Cambridge University. Growing up in a family so isolated they never sought medical treatment, and never stepping foot in a classroom until she was seventeen, the reader experiences poverty, violence, and consequences of mental illness alongside Westover as she details her exceptional upbringing. I could not put this book down.

Top 10 Mothers Day Books on Amazon featured by top MA fashion blog, Jaimie Tucker: Educated

The Travel Book

I’ve included The Travel Book in top book suggestion posts before. Complied by Lonely Planet, everyone, no matter their age, or interest in actually traveling, loves this book. This coffee table books features every country in the world with interesting facts and information, alongside the gorgeous images Lonely Planet is known for. Might be just the gift for Mother’s Day this year. With travel plans currently thwarted world-wide, dreaming about future travels could provide an anecdote to the stir craziness many of us are feeling.

Top 10 Mothers Day Books on Amazon featured by top MA fashion blog, Jaimie Tucker: The Travel Book


Writer Glennon Doyle is a speaker, activist, and thought leader, as well as the best-selling author of Love Warrior and Carry On, Warrior. In her latest work, Doyle explores the voices that speak inside of all women, motivating us to be good at everything we do. Are these voices empowering us, or are they taking away from the efforts that each of us bring to our lives, and the lives of those around us? Couldn’t we do more? Be better? And then we dismiss those thoughts, telling ourselves we should just be grateful for whatever it is we have, or where we find ourselves. Still, we are unhappy, comparing ourselves to what the world expects us to be. Sometimes we must trust the voices inside ourselves in order to set boundaries, and find what truly makes us happy.

Top 10 Mothers Day Books on Amazon featured by top MA fashion blog, Jaimie Tucker: Untamed

Little Fires Everywhere

Celeste Ng’s best seller has recently been made into a hulu series starring Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington. Bring her up to speed on some pop culture so she can read the book and then watch the series. A fast-paced fiction that is difficult to put down, Ng explores the forces of motherhood, from tender to ferocious and overbearing. As the book twists and turns around an upper class family who rents a house to a single mother and her daughter. As the daughter, Pearl, makes friends and tries to fit in, her mother harbors secrets that disallow them from getting close to anyone in fear of jeopardizing everyone’s idea of what life should look life, and ultimately, their happiness.

Top 10 Mothers Day Books on Amazon featured by top MA fashion blog, Jaimie Tucker: Little Fires Everywhere

A Woman of No Importance:  The Untold Story of the American Spy Who Helped Win World War II

Designated the Best Book of the Year by NPR, author Sonia Purnell details the real life story of Virginia Hall, who established extensive spy networks throughout France. The New York Times Book Review states “this book is as riveting as any thriller, and as hard to put down.” It’s a story of  bravery, intelligence, and loyalty, and how Hall, a woman, assisted in winning World War II by liberating parts of France from the Nazi’s.
Top 10 Mothers Day Books on Amazon featured by top MA fashion blog, Jaimie Tucker: A Woman of No Importance

American Dirt

In this non-fiction work that has been decreed the great novel of “las Americas”, author Jeanine Cummins  of a Mexican family who is forced to flee their comfortable middle-class existence or be slaughtered by the drug cartels. As they transition into their dangerous and difficult lives as migrants heading north to America, they see everyone is running north, though what are they running to, and what will they find waiting for them? Hope is all that keeps them going each day. American Dirt is an Oprah’s Book Club pick, and #1 New York Times Bestseller.

Top 10 Mothers Day Books on Amazon featured by top MA fashion blog, Jaimie Tucker: American Dirt


This suspenseful thriller by Jessica Barry will keep Mom up reading into the night. I couldn’t put it down! When Allison Carpenter is presumed dead after a plane crash, her mother refuses to give up hope that her daughter might still be somewhere out there, alive. As she pieces the details of her estranged daughter’s life together, she realizes she knew nothing about her, yet the love for her daughter is as strong and unconditional as it ever was. Despite their distance, their unbreakable bond as mother and daughter allows them to both overcome the unthinkable threats that arise in finding one another.

Top 10 Mothers Day Books on Amazon featured by top MA fashion blog, Jaimie Tucker: Freefall

This is a list of the top 10 books on Amazon, yet I had to add one more book to the list. In particular, this story speaks to the power of reading and how books can open up people’s worlds and lives.

The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek

I became an instant fan of author Kim Michelle Richardson after reading this book about the first mobile library in Appalachian Kentucky. Set in the 1930’s and paying homage to the Kentucky Packhorse Library Project, Richardson bases the book on the real blue-skinned people of Kentucky, and how one young woman, Cussey, finds joy in bringing books to hill folks that otherwise find themselves with little hope of glimpsing into the outside world due to their circumstances. The power of books can supercede bigotry, ignorance, and bring people together in ways that otherwise might have been unimaginable.

Top 10 Mothers Day Books on Amazon featured by top MA fashion blog, Jaimie Tucker: The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek

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  1. Such a great post! My mom lovessss books so thee would be perfect for her! <3


    1. Thank you! It’s so hard, because you’re right. So many good books, so little time! xo

    1. Thank you! I just finished reading Such A Fun Age, my most recent read, that and Untamed. Both soooo good! xo

  2. This makes me wish my mom enjoyed reading more! I’m the bookworm (or bookdragon, really) of the family, and my dad and sister like reading too. But my mom? Never really been into it haha! Maybe one day she’ll find something she enjoys!

    1. Thank you for the feedback Stephanie! My Mom likes to read, though she never seems to have the time, so I understand! xo

  3. Love this post!! I totally want to read Little Fires Everywhere. Just finished the show and it was great!

    1. Thank you. So glad to hear you enjoyed the show. That reminds me, I’m on episode 6 at the moment. I’ll binge watch tonight!

  4. Ooooh love this as a gift idea for my mom, because she loves to read. I didn’t even think of this but perfect! x

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