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What Stories Do the Contents of a Purse Tell?


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What Stories Do the Contents of a Purse Tell?

What’s In A Purse?

I’m assuming I’m no different than most of you with the odds and ends that end up in my purse. These items are functional, yet they also tell a unique story. What stories do the contents of a purse tell? They may tell us something more in depth about that person.

Consequences of Forgotten Staple Items

Pictured are my staple items. There have been times where I’ve forgotten my lipgloss, and in dry, winter months, it has felt like torture until I could get to a drug store, or in desperation, a gas station, and buy a cheap stand-in. There was also the time I switched purses and left my wallet in the previous purse, drove two hours away from home, and needed gas. Fortunately, I was able to stop at my niece’s figure skating practice, which was not so out of the way of my current location. My sister-in-law spotted me a $50 to get me home.

Hidden Hints About a Personality

One thing that really drives me up a wall, like seriously annoys me, is a rough edge on a nail. I try to take good care of my hands, and so I always keep a nail file and cuticle oil on hand.

Also worth mentioning are the Autumn’s Gold Grain Free Granola Bars, which I have kind of hidden in this shot, as my daughter was lurking around when I was shooting the image and I didn’t want her eating the props! Does this tell you I try to eat healthy, have children, and could it also mean I have a tendency to get hangry, so I keep a snack at the ready? Could be all three!

A dear friend had a laugh at my expense when she saw the cheap, hotel freebie comb I threw into the mix. “You have a beautiful Hermes purse and Prada wallet, and you include a cheap comb like that?” A clever friend she is, and generous too. I’ve upgraded my comb game with a Mason Pearson comb, thanks to her.

Other than the basics, my purse’s contents will change depending on what stage of development my children are in. At the time I took this photo, my one year old was teething, hence the medical grade silicone teething ring. The rings are currently on standby until her two year molars start to come in.

Oh-the gum you see has gone stale. I’m not a huge gum chewer, though I like to buy things in bulk at Costco. So I bought a huge box of gum a couple years ago. Feeling slightly embarrassed thinking about this now, so I think I’ll just toss the remainder of the box.

What stories do the contents of your purse tell?

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xo, Jaimie
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