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A Complete Spring Break Packing List for Your Whole Family


It’s that time of year when families are planning their spring and summer travel.  We brave long and never ending winters here in the Northeast, so the warmer weather is greatly anticipated. Are the winters long where you live? Whether it’s a road trip or a more involved getaway to a vacation rental, being prepared with all the essential products and items a family needs is well worth the time and effort. As someone that strives to be organized, I enjoyed putting together a complete spring break packing list for your whole family. Not only do I hope this list will reduce stress, though it could also save some money. I get annoyed when I have to buy duplicates of items I already own.

As a mom, I like to pack everything and anything that I think could be necessary. Even if it’s more than might be necessary, my philosophy is it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Especially with kids, even though I’ve kind of always been this way. Everyone has their own kind of packing style, though it’s served our family well over the years in terms of reduced stress and saved money. Family vacations are something we all look forward to, and I like to ensure we make the most of it.

Packing mishaps range from inconvenient to disastrous, but most are preventable. So, in order to help other mamas out, I created a Complete Spring Break Packing List for Your Whole Family, which you can download and print here.


Spring Break Packing List


Spring Break Packing List by popular Massachusetts lifestyle blogger, Jaimie Tucker: digital image of a vacation packing list.


Spring Break Packing List by popular Massachusetts lifestyle blogger, Jaimie Tucker: collage image of a gold roll away suitcase set, cosmetics travel bag, packing bins, Sun Bum sunscreen, first aid kit, black slide sandals, sneakers, striped towels, and a portable mini fridge.




Spring Break Packing List by popular Massachusetts lifestyle blogger, Jaimie Tucker: image of two little girls getting pushed on a luggage cart.


Luggage Set

Luggage sets are a definite must-have for any vacation. Prices typically range and are not usually cheap, especially when purchasing luggage sets that meet the needs of the entire family. It’s worth the investment to make sure luggage will protect  belongings from extreme conditions if necessary. Amazon is great for finding luggage sets that are durable, yet also affordable. Check out these picks for best-selling luggage sets!


Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are heaven-sent. They keep everything organized and make the packing and unpacking process much more efficient. Each family member can be assigned their own packing cube, and labeled to make it easier to find items. They’re a great way of organizing everyone’s items and using the space in luggage to its full potential. 


Toiletry Bag for Mom

I definitely need a separate toiletry bag for my all my items. I like to pack my makeup, skin care and other beauty essentials together.  Unpacking at a vacation rental or resort is much easier to do when I have a convenient toiletry bag that holds all my items in one place. I tend to place my toiletry bag in the bathroom, and then “unpack” as I use each item.

Alo-Vera Soothing Gel

It’s so easy for little ones to catch a sunburn, especially if they’re out all day in the sun. For sunburn situations, I love to carry a bottle of Alo-Vera Soothing Gel. It helps with the pain of sunburn and also has a cooling effect that soothes the skin. After sun exposure, apply generously to all areas of the skin. For best results, apply right after sunburn occurs, keep it refrigerated for a bonus relief!



Water Shoes for Kids


My kids love running around and playing wherever they can, and my husband and I love to encourage their safe exploration of the world. If they’re by the water or on the beach, water shoes are a necessity. These shoes help their feet stay protected from rocks or sharp objects. We love visiting my parent’s lake house, the lake and beach are stunning, however it’s a rocky beach that is hard on feet, so water shoes are a must.


Universal Waterproof Case


A definite vacation must-have if you plan on taking pictures by the water or at the beach, to ensure you keep your phone and camera safe from water, humidity, and sand. I’ve linked a few great options below.


Microfiber Sand-Free Beach Towel


Microfiber towels are a great addition to your packing list as they do not attract sand and the fabric dries very quickly.



Portable Cooler or Mini Fridge

Whenever it makes sense and we have the room, our family brings a portable cooler/mini fridge on our day trips, or road trips. It’s a great tool to store snacks, beverages, and water, and also perfect for the beach!  It’s easy for kids to get lost in all the beach fun, and we all know how hungry and dehydrated kids are on the way back after a long day! Avoid the meltdowns with a portable cooler or mini fridge.


Personal First Aid Kit

Injuries are bound to happen with little ones. Many portable first aid kits come in a convenient size, I like the kit below that has over 100 pieces. I bought this first aid kit to leave in my car, though at well under one pound, it can be taken along to the beach or on a hike with no problem.

Spring Break Packing List by popular Massachusetts lifestyle blogger, Jaimie Tucker: image of a first aid kit.


Beach Tote


A large beach tote is the way to go. Totes with lots of compartments to hold and organize items are best in order to save time. Digging for things can be so annoying, not to mention hard on the manicure!


Beach Blankets

Larger beach blankets are a definite must since most beach blankets serve as a “base” where multiple people can stretch out and relax. Beach blankets are the place where everyone eats, reads, and even takes a nap. Doesn’t it feel good to close one’s eyes for a few minutes in the sun?

Durable Beach Sandals

A pair of durable beach sandals makes life easier, as you never know how far the walk will be to reach the prime beach location. It’s also fun to be able to stroll about in comfort while on vacation, so comfort is a must.


Spring Break Packing List by popular Massachusetts lifestyle blogger, Jaimie Tucker: collage image of one piece swimsuits for women, men's swimsuits, women's swimsuit coverups, girls' one piece swimsuits, and boys swimsuits. Swim Cover-Ups

Check out some of these swimsuit cover ups! One of my recent posts, “8 Must-Have Pieces for Creating Vacation Outfits”, features additional swim cover ups for more options.


Women’s One Piece Bathing Suits    

One piece bathing suits are body-friendly, on trend, and best when chasing after kiddos. There are so many different cuts, styles, fabrics and embellishments. Here are some one-pieces that are super cute yet also provide good coverage.


Summer Sandals

So many cute summer sandals, so little time. I linked a variety of summer sandals in a variety of price ranges for all kinds of vacation occasions.


Children’s Swimwear

Gotta make sure the kids are ready to take on their water activities for the day! I rounded up some of the best-selling swimwear for both boys and girls so they can play hard.




Do you and your family have any travel plans coming up? What’s on your Spring Break packing list?

xo, Jaimie
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18 thoughts on “A Complete Spring Break Packing List for Your Whole Family

  1. What a thorough post! You really covered all the bases here when it comes to what to pack for a spring/summer vacation – and for the whole family too. Very impressive! I’m glad you even included that packing list. I always create one of those when I’m going on a trip too!

    1. Thank you Stephanie, really appreciate it, and glad you found it to be useful. Lists are life for me, they’ve saved me so many times! xo Jaimie

  2. I find referencing a packing list to be so helpful for things to go smoothly and stress-free. Thanks for sharing! xoxo, Sarah

    1. Thank you Sarah, honestly, making lists puts anxiety in check for me. Then I never overlooks anything xo Jaimie

    1. You and me both! I can’t wait to start traveling this summer. And trying to be as organized as I can this summer!
      xo Jaimie

    1. Thank you Laura Leigh! I love the name of your site, is Louella your name or a nickname? My daughter’s name is Elle, just curious when I see a name that is similar. xo Jaimie

  3. This is so helpful! I just packed for my spring break trip and forgot socks. I should have referenced this!

    1. Thank you for the feedback, hope you had a nice time away. Luckily socks are an easy fix. Cheers! xo Jaimie

  4. This packing list is So helpful! You really did think of EVERYTHING for everyone— so smart!

    1. Thank you Amanda, glad this post could be helpful. I know I’ll be referencing it in the future for sure! xo Jaimie

  5. I still haven’t jumped on the packing cubes bandwagon but everyone swears by them- i should probably get some for our summer trips!

    1. It’s amazing how much more can be packed into a suitcase with the help of packing cubes! xo Jaimie

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