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Coconut Whip Cream (and Watermelon Pizza)


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There is nothing like the deliciousness of whipped cream, the taste, the smell, and ohhh the texture. As our family has worked to clean up our eating habits and reduce the amount of Big “S” in our diets, we have discovered coconut whip cream. It’s super easy to make and is comparable in sweetening up treats and topping cakes and pies.

I recently made watermelon pizza for dessert one night and my kids loved it! I used coconut whip cream as the “pizza sauce” and it was such a hit we’ve been making it about once a week as refreshing summer snack. It takes under ten minutes from start to finish!


Here is what you’ll need to make watermelon pizza, and then I’ll share the super easy steps to make coconut whip cream.

2 cups of blueberries

2 cups of raspberries

1 small watermelon sliced into 2 rounds

1 can of coconut milk

Optional vanilla extract and/or coconut sugar or other preferred sweetener

Preparation Instructions

Refrigerate can of coconut milk until chilled. We like Thai Kitchen brand.

Open can and empty into mixing bowl. Add vanilla extract and/or coconut sugar to desired sweetness. Big Tree Farms Coconut Sugar is gluten free, paleo, organic, non-GMO, fair trade, am I missing anything? Nope, all the good stuff.

Using a hand mixer, whip the coconut milk until smooth and airy.

The coconut milk is now coconut whipped cream! Spread on your watermelon pizza, and sprinkle blueberries and raspberries on for pizza “toppings”.


Hack…we will sometimes whip two cans at once so we can put the remainder in the fridge to dole out for a future dash of sweetness at any moment. Refrigerated coconut milk can last from 4-6 days as long as it is covered.


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xo, Jaimie
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