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Five Faves under $50


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Five Fashion Finds Under $50

Five fashion finds under $50. Say that three times fast. Ok, I titled this post that on purpose…couldn’t resist playing around a little here. I do like to have fun, though I am serious about finding a good deal. I’ve put together five pieces under $50, one under $20. It just so happens they are all pieces that I’ve had on heavy rotation in my closet as well. Love it when that happens! A good sale on a piece that I wear over and over again!

Chiffon Blouse – $17.49

I love this light chiffon weight blouse, shown above. Who knew pink and orange would work so well together? This blouse looks great with jeans, as I’ve styled it, though imagine it would also do double duty as a work shirt due to the button up style and collar. The length is long enough to tuck in, and I like it’s loose, flowy feel. The colors are super flattering, and this top could work for all seasons due to the color palate. It’s on sale for $17.49 at this time of writing.

five fashion finds under $50

Sweater Dress – $38.99

I wasn’t sure how this sweater dress would fit when I first bought it, though there was no need to worry as it is a thick material that is clingy, yet substantial enough to glide over the body. Red can be a tough one, yet this is such an elegant shade of red, it doesn’t look like a dress meant to be worn only around the holidays. I am super picky when it comes to turtlenecks and long sleeves, I can’t stand anything remotely itchy. This dress is soft and comfortable, even the turtleneck did not bother me. At the price of this dress, get a couple of them in different colors. This fashion find is priced at $38.99 at the time of this writing.

Five Fashion Finds Under $50


Ultimate Loafers – $44.50 & $38.00

I feel like I could run a marathon in these tassel loafers. I’m not kidding, they are that comfortable. So on trend with the leopard print, yet in a timeless loafer style. The black tassel on top is so extra! I receive so many compliments when I wear these loafers, plus they are comfy, and they are on sale. There’s not much more I can say about how amazing these shoes are, other than at the time of this writing they are on sale for $44.50! You have got to link over and read the shoe description on the website, it is so darn cheeky, and so darn true!

So double duty here. I’ve thrown in an extra shoe, just couldn’t resist sharing this beautiful pair of snakeskin look loafers that are priced at $38! I bought this pair of loafers at the same time as the above black tassel ones, and they are equally as comfy. Totally timeless, yet still on trend. When I received these shoes, I felt like I was on my shoe game so hard, as I had bought two pairs of gorgeous new shoes that were still super functional and comfortable.

Five Fashion Finds Under $50

Twist Front Sweater – $19.00

This green v-neck twist front sweater is so soft and cozy, you can lay about this house in this one. It’s perfect for a casual date night or running about town in a pair of jeans. I’m wearing a size small for a slightly fitted look, yet there is still a slight slouch to it with a rolled up sleeve option. The sweater comes in a variety of colors and at the time of this writing, this fashion find is only $19!

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