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Graduation Gift Ideas for Friends

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Graduation is such a major life milestone! I remember the succession of graduation events and parties, and sense of pride from not just parents, though also from friends for each other. Parents and grandparents tend to splurge on bigger ticket items since they have just one or two people to buy for. For those that have numerous graduates in mind, or for graduates themselves with a large circle of friends and therefore many people to buy for, it can harder to find less expensive gifts that are still thoughtful. These graduation gift ideas for friends may not be super expensive, though will always be remembered, enjoyed, and treasured.

I rounded up a fun list of gift ideas that won’t break the bank, and are easy to purchase in multiples if you have several graduates in your circle. Check out my list of inexpensive graduation gift ideas, many of them perfect graduation gift ideas for friends.

Graduation Gift Ideas for Friends by popular Massachusetts lifestyle blogger, Jaimie Tucker: collage image of graduation jewelry, graduation trinket dish, coffee matching, diamond tennis bracelet, and wine glasses.



Graduation Gift Ideas for Friends


1. Senior 2021 Bracelet: This adorable bracelet is from Amazon and only $16! It can be gifted by itself or gifted with other small gift items. A high school graduate comes to mind for this being a perfect gift. The colors are neutral and can be worn with several different outfits.

2. Graduation Ceramic Jewelry Tray Dish: This piece is great for storage and can be used to store your most valuable jewelry pieces! I remember being in high school and misplacing a lot of my favorite accessories and jewelry – so this would be perfect to help your graduate get in a routine of no longer misplacing favorite jewelry items. Only $9, and again, can be gifted with other small items.

3. Graduation Bangle Bracelet: This is a gift that a graduate can keep for a lifetime. It’s a very minimal gold jewelry piece that is perfect to wear all year round.

4. “Now Hotter by One Degree” wine glass: When I saw this stemless wine glass, I had to add it to today’s gift guide. It’s such a fun gift that I’m sure will make anyone who you’re giving it to laugh. Such a good gift to give to fellow graduate friends! Buy a bunch and give them out at your graduation party as a keepsake and thank you!

5. Personalized Men’s Stainless Steel Bracelet: This is an encouragement and inspiration bracelet for a mom and dad to gift their son. There are three personalized messages you can choose from.  A little something sentimental particularly if he is moving away for college or university. A new chapter in life can always seem daunting and that extra inspiration and gentle reminder on his bracelet could definitely help remind him of his strength and of parent’s love and pride!

6. Champagne Flute Set: A fabulous gift that can serve as a reminder that college graduation will not be the last on a list of life accomplishments. These champagne glasses can be definitely used to celebrate milestones in the future! And no more red cups in the dorm, every college graduate should have a few proper barware pieces to get them started on building an “adult” life. 

7. Men’s Fossil Stainless Steel and Quartz Watch: A very reasonably priced watch that can be shipped to your doorstep in less than 24 hours, courtesy of Amazon Prime. This is a fantastic gift to give to a male teen as it’s a great first watch to start their collection. This watch goes with everything, no matter if it’s an internship, a job, or some finding oneself travel he’s off on next!

8. Keurig K-Mini Plus Coffee Maker: How cute is this mini coffee maker? This would make a wonderful gift to give to someone who will be moving away for college or university and will be living on campus or through school residency. College and graduate school are no joke, I remember needing extra caffeine to push through in the mornings, and making my own coffee at home each morning saved me so much money in college!

9. Mastered 2021 Mug: An awesome every-day mug for your graduate degree holding son or daughter that can definitely be paired and gifted with the Keurig K-Mini Plus Coffee Maker. Or pick up a few and gift them to your fellow graduate friends. 

10. Watch, Bangle and Bracelet Set: This jewelry set is stunning! It looks expensive and classy – but is also super affordable. Not only would it be a great gift for a recent college or university graduate, but also to a recent high school graduate too. Come to think of it, most women at any age and stage of their lives would enjoy this coordinating watch and bracelet stack set. 

11. Long Lasting Pink Preserved Roses: Preserved Roses Gift Boxes have been a huge hit this last year or so and last for a very long time. You know there are going to be lots of Instagram worthy photos being taken, these flowers can help set a pretty scene, and can also be used as dorm decor or table centerpiece.

12.Nadri’s Classic Tennis Bracelet: Such a beautiful statement piece. This versatile bracelet looks like luxury but at such an affordable price. Start out a beautiful jewelry collection with this bracelet from Bloomingdales.


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Graduation Gift Ideas for Friends by popular Massachusetts lifestyle blogger, Jaimie Tucker: image of some Hotel Collections candles and incense sticks.


What are some of your favorite graduation gift ideas for friends? Let me know in a comment below! 

xo, Jaimie
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