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My At Home Teeth Whitening Experience


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This post is c/o Smile Brilliant, makers of at home teeth whitening products. I had been thinking about whitening my teeth again for sometime, here is my at home teeth whitening experience. Teeth whitening is not something people need to do on a frequent basis, though most people can benefit from it every once in a while.  Since I have sensitive teeth, I probably go longer than most in between treatments, though the brand offers a desensitizing gel that assists with sensitivity. I’ll explain more about that later, though first, let me just say I was very happy with the results!

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At Home Teeth Whitening

Once I signed up, a kit arrived shortly in the mail. It contained the at home teeth whitening gel syringes, as well as the requested desensitizing gel. There were two trays and six jars of putty for making dental impressions. Only four jars are required to make the molds, though Smile Brilliant sends along a couple extra jars of putty just in case. There are also numerous instructions in the kit, walking you through every step of the way. Although at first I was concerned about my ability to correctly make the molds, after reading through the instructions, I felt confident. That would be my biggest tip, read the instructions first! Along with step by step instructions are images of correct and incorrect impressions. If you’re still not sure if your impressions were taken correctly, you can email photos to their support team and they will tell you if they are acceptable. If they advise taking them over, there are the two extra containers of putty in the kit.

I chose to do the top tray first, and the bottom one second. You can’t do them both at once, as they are too bulky. I left the trays with the putty in my mouth for two minutes each as instructed, and when I popped them out of my mouth, I had perfectly formed dental impressions – phew! At this point, they are left to sit for 30 minutes to completely harden, and then after that, rinsed with water. Once they were dry, I popped them into the prepaid mailer and took a trip to the mailbox. I was eager to send them off.

Receiving the Custom Fit Trays

After about ten days, I received a small package with my custom fit trays. That evening, I decided to do my first whitening treatment. The instructions state prior to application to brush teeth with water, no toothpaste, and to clean and dry the trays. Now it was time to insert the whitening gel into the trays and get them into my mouth!

Each syringe holds enough gel for 3-4 applications of both top and bottom trays. You don’t need a lot, and in fact, using too much gel causes it to spill over, and out, of the trays, which can then potentially irritate the gum line. Since I have sensitive teeth, I only left the trays in for 45 minutes, which is the minimum recommended amount of time, the maximum is three hours. I can’t imagine sitting there with trays in for three hours, though if you can, why not? I’m sure results would be accelerated. One more tip: access to a sink or cup is required. I had to spit several times during the treatment as salvia built up in my mouth. After the treatment, I removed the trays, rinsed them, and set them aside to dry in the container they came with.

My Sensitive Teeth

Since I have sensitive teeth, Smile Brilliant sent me desensitizing gel in my kit. If you’re not sure how sensitive your teeth might be, I recommend including it in your kit. After each treatment, the desensitizing gel should be used immediately to reduce sensitivity and prevent future staining. It helps to close the pores on the teeth, which in turn reduces the staining. I used the teeth whitening gel every second day due to sensitivity, and the desensitizing gel every day, even in between treatments. The trays must be clean and dry or the gel’s effectiveness is reduced.

Even with shorter whitening sessions every second day, and the daily use of the desensitizing gel, my teeth did still feel tingly from time to time. I should put just how sensitive my teeth are into context. I have extremely sensitive teeth! If I eat something too sweet they tingle, if I suck air into my mouth, they tingle. Smile Brilliant products gave me the least amount of sensitivity I had ever experienced from a teeth whitening product. Though I still noticed it, I was thankful it was greatly reduced from experiences I have had in the past. A couple days after my treatment ended, the sensitivity completely stopped. Will I use the remaining at home whitening gel left over for touch up treatments in the future? You bet I will.


Despite increased sensitivity during the whitening process, I was extremely happy with the results. My teeth were noticeably brighter and restored to their natural color.

It is worth noting that at home teeth whitening products, all teeth whitening products, can only whiten to the shade that teeth are naturally colored. Some people have teeth that are naturally more on the yellow side, and teeth can yellow as people age. Teeth whitening products can reduce staining, though they may not be able to provide extreme results that some may desire. That requires the assistance of a cosmetic dentist and the expensive process of veneers, which is the application of a tooth colored material bonded to the front of teeth to change their color, shape, or length.

I will keep my Smile Brilliant trays in their storage case, and use them again in the future. Even though I have two syringes of teeth whitening gel left, once that is gone, I can easily purchase more through the Smile Brilliant website.

Have you ever whitened your teeth? What was your experience?

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20 thoughts on “My At Home Teeth Whitening Experience

  1. i’ve heard such great things about this at home whitening!!! looks like you had a great experience.

    xx rebecca //

    1. Thank you Rebecca. Yes, it was a great experience. I’m glad to make teeth whitening part of my beauty routine list ;-))

    1. Thank you Rachel, so kind of you to say. Would highly recommend Smile Brilliant when you’re ready to whiten your teeth!

  2. How fun! Doing an at-home whitening can often be much more affordable and simple than getting it done at the dentist. Good to know about this brand!

    1. Happy to share! It was so much easier to whiten my teeth in the comfort of my own home as opposed to making several appointments at the dentist. Better value too :-)))

    1. HI Caitlyn! I really was “impressed” by how easy Smile Brilliant made it to create my customized dental impressions. One less appt to worry about in our busy lives.

  3. You have such a beautiful smile! this sounds like such an easy and effective at home teeth whitening experience.

    1. That’s so kind of you to say! It was very effective, and I loved that I was able to whiten my teeth in the comfort of my own home, on my own schedule, and still see such noticeable results!

  4. You have a gorgeous smile! So white and pretty, I need to try this whitening treatment! Xx.

    1. That’s so sweet! This whitening treatment made my teeth so much more brilliant and gleaming. Even though I have sensitive teeth, it was manageable, and I’m so glad I did it.

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