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Social Distancing and Ways to Help Your Community


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In these unprecedented times of uncertainty and social distancing, the knowledge that we are all experiencing inconveniences and anxieties together can be a form of support. Another way we can feel a stronger sense of solidarity is by helping our neighbors. Here is some information on social distancing and how to help your community.

Social Distancing

Until last week, I had never heard the term “social distancing”. I now get the feeling it is going to be one of those terms that defines the year 2020. I’m sure you’ve heard, social distancing is the practice of keeping oneself a certain distance from other people. In the case of the coronavirus pandemic, experts are recommending keeping a distance of six feet away from others. In order to reduce exposure, is also advised to reduce activities out of the house. While at the time of writing this blog post, there had been no orders from officials in North America for citizens to quarantine themselves, each of us has a personal responsibility to minimize contact with others. This includes the cancelation of gatherings, and any other non-essential interactions with others. It is recommended to check your state, city, and the official Center for Disease Control websites for continuous updates, as each region is different, and the situation seems to be changing day to day.

Ways to Help Your Community

  • Check on elderly neighbors and ask if they need medications picked up, or groceries brought to them
  • Tip generously – millions of workers in the service industry depend on tips to supplement their minimum wages. They could possibly be struggling with less hours at work due to service industries now seeing less demand
  • Buy restaurant and other small business gift cards – even if you are not comfortable with patronizing at this time, it helps help keep them afloat now, and you can use them later
  • Donate food to food banks – millions of kids depend on school lunches and with school out, they are not receiving the meals they depended upon. Food banks are helping to pick up these food deficits
  • Stock up, then stop – seeing images of people panicking and stocking up for the next six months can make anyone anxious, though by hoarding food and goods, it may be impacting others that really are in need of toilet paper or other items. If you have enough for the next few weeks, then stop shopping
  • Keep on top of the latest updates – signing up for email updates from official community sources can assist with planning and reduce anxiety stemming from misinformation

I’m wearing bright colors and trying to keep positive, globally we are all in this together!

What other ways can you help people during this unprecedented time? Do you have any tasks or activities you have been wanting to catch up on at home?

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22 thoughts on “Social Distancing and Ways to Help Your Community

    1. Thank you for your feedback. These are definitely unprecedented times. It’s hard to know what to think, though I love how people are coming together. Be well friend!

    1. Thank you Lizzie. It’s wonderful that each of us are doing the little things that add up to making a difference. Stay healthy!

    1. Thank you Laura! And that is so generous of you to support your local businesses. And with this never ending lockdown, at least in our area it seems, its something nice to look forward to, bringing in restaurant favorites. Enjoy, I’m sure your local spots are so grateful for your loyalty.

  1. This is one of the best posts related to this new corona-virus world that ive seen! Thank you so much for sharing ideas for how we can all help and give back during this time. ill definitely be doing a ton of these things.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Lee, I really appreciate them. We are all doing the best we can, though when so many are experiencing tough times, I hope it can be enough. Best of luck to you and stay healthy.

  2. It’s been tough for so many lately. Personally have been collecting food for a local church because shelters are running low on goods and supplies. These are all such great ideas! WIll be forwading to my friend group…anything helps! xoxo, Sarah

    1. Thank you Sarah, that is so kind of you to share. I’m impressed with your proactiveness to help your community. I hope you are well, and thank you for what you are doing to help others during these unprecedented times. Stay well xx

  3. these are such great tips!!! we have been buying gift cards to our favorite restaurants and donating to service industry people in need!

    xx rebecca //

  4. My favorite cafe has a virtual tip jar to support their employees while They’re not working. And they’re Offering curBside pick-up, which is amazing. I’m trying to find as many ways as possible to help them out!

    1. Love how you are being proactive in your community to help others the best you can. Most of the restaurants in our area are also doing curbside pickup. It’s the only way they can survive. We are also trying to help them out. Stay safe xx

  5. The hoarding is very disturbing and very sick of people, in all honesty. No one needs 6 months worth of goods! This is not going to be the end of the world and we’re not going into apocalyptic times so people (especially in the US) are being hysterical and irrational.

    We’ve been shopping local, and stocking up on gift cards!

    1. It’s true, people are panicking and their reactions are causing problems for others. There is no issue in the paper goods or food supply chain. Love how you are supporting your local community, we are doing take out a few times a week. Something to look forward to. Stay well xx

  6. I agree—social distancing is the new term for 2020! Lets hope it works and we can go back to normal life soon. We are in complete lockdown In the NY area.

    1. This feels like the new normal, sadly. I hope you are well in NYC. We are not far from you, and like much of the country, are watching what is happening there. Our hearts are with you. Love that city and its people!

    1. So important! In addition to social distancing, we have just been staying home as much we can. Best health to you!

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