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Why I Started Wearing Baseball Hats


why I started wearing baseball hats

Why I Started Wearing Baseball Hats

I’d never really been into wearing baseball hats, until recently. Now, I’m wearing them all the time. I’d always seen baseball hats as a “sport” item, though they absolutely can look “fashion”. Either way, they are a super cute item that make it possible for a busy woman to get out the door in five minutes. For that main reason, I’ve become a fan.

Laid Back Cool or Fashion

Whether an old favorite is grabbed on the way out the door, or a designer hat carefully chosen from a high end label, baseball hats are available at all price points. Depending on the look of the hat, a tracksuit or even pair of leggings or sweats can be instantly elevated if you go with a baseball hat that is more fashion. If you have to scoot out the door, and are still in sweats, the grimy old favorite cap is not recommended. Lift your look and go with a baseball hat on the stylish end of the spectrum. I invested in a black leather cap for $78 and wear it all the time. That being said, cost does not have to be a factor. Have linked both low and high price looking fashion hats. A,n inexpensive simple, and clean  white baseball hat can look fashion!

Alternate Options

The ease of a Panama hat or Fisherman’s cap cannot be understated either, so I’ve linked them as options. Please note they are for jeans when you’ve got a pair of jeans on, or leggings and boots. Neither of these hats work with loungewear or athleisure attire.


why I started wearing baseball hats 
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