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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Back to School Shopping Favorites


As back to school comes upon us, I’ve been assessing the items that my daughters will need for the upcoming school year. Even if the school year looks a little different than it has in years past, kids will still need boots and sneakers, rain jackets and other outwear as summer fades away and the colder weather sets in. Trust me, there is nothing worse than having an early snow day and realizing your child outgrew her snow boots from last year. Take some pressure off by planning ahead and getting all your child’s seasonal clothing and outerwear ready during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is the perfect time to ensure kids are back to school ready for the new school year. I’ve included many items that are a part of the sale, though some are part of the new inventory and therefore not on sale. I also wanted to note that I have not separated boys and girls attire. I find many items these days are unisex, and you and your child’s preferences are unique and not to be defined or labeled.

Kid's Fashion: Back to School Shopping at the Nordstrom Sale, favorites featured by top MA life and style blogger, Jaimie Tucker

Here is a handy checklist, with suggestions, for items that should be at the ready for the new school year. Depending on where you live, your list may be shorter than ours. We live in New England, so we have all four seasons to contend with, and with that all the gear for outdoor weather. Being a native of the west coast and California, dressing for cold weather and the four seasons did not come naturally to me. In Southern California, there is kind of one season, sunny, along with some chilly days where a light jacket or cardigan is a necessity. It sounds silly now, but I really did not understand the layering concept that is required in ever-changing New England weather! After ten years of being on the East Coast, it’s intuitive to me now, so take a peek at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale items I’ll be checking off our back to school shopping list. It feels good to plan ahead and be prepared!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites for Back to School


This is always number one on my back to school shopping list as kids backpacks take a beating over the prior school year and we also tend to use it for travel over the summer. Depending on how fast your child is growing or maturing, the size they carried last year may no longer be a good fit, or the style may be deemed too “babyish” as they enter the higher grades. Here are some backpack options to suit kids of various ages and stages of their school career.


Lunch Bag

Reusable lunch bags are the only way to go as they are good for the environment and over time save you money from buying disposable paper bags over and over again. I like to buy good quality lunch bags that will hold up when I throw them in the washing machine, which I do every couple weeks, or after a spill occurs. If you take care of your child’s lunch bag, it will last. Each day when my daughter brings home her lunch bag and I empty it out, I spray a water and vinegar solution into it and wipe it out to be reused for the next day.



I don’t know about you, but I turn my back and my kids seem to be grown out of their sneakers. Essential for comfort, recess and gym class, a pair of two of sneakers is also extremely high on my back to school shopping list. Don’t overlook the Native slip on shoes. My daughters have been wearing theirs nonstop for a variety of activities, including running and climbing. These are shoes that can be easily slipped on and off even by a toddler. They come in a variety of colors, for both boys and girls.

Kid's Fashion: Back to School Shopping at the Nordstrom Sale, favorites featured by top MA life and style blogger, Jaimie Tucker

Underwear and Socks

Socks go missing, and like sneakers, tend to become outgrown at the strangest times. Think of it, do you ever have a day when your socks don’t fit, or you’ve outgrown them? Who thinks about outgrowing their socks? If you’re a mom, you do, because kids outgrow them at the strangest times. Stock up now, in athletic, winter, and lightweight styles.


Layering Jacket

For lack of a better term, I’m calling a lighter weight jacket, a layering jacket. Actually when you think about it, the term makes a lot of sense. For those brisk fall mornings where a jacket is required, you can throw this on over a t-shirt or sweater and your child can peel layers off as she or he gets hot.


Puffer Winter Coat

When the cold kicks in, I’ve found puffy winter coats to be the way to go for kids. We have plenty of wool and tweed coats, because we’re fancy that way, though they don’t hold up well at recess. Puffy coats can easily be thrown in the wash and end up looking pretty much like new again.


Leggings, Pants, and Joggers

After being at home all these months, chances are your kids want to be cozy.


Cozy T-Shirts and Sweatshirts

Easy pieces that look as good as they feel, and work whether in the classroom or on the playground.



Have you started your back to school shopping yet? The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is on right now, and opens to all non-cardholders on August 19th. Wish lists your items now for a faster checkout later!

xo, Jaimie
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