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Combat Boots Trend Into Fall 2020


Combat boots Combat bootsCombat boots have been trending for a while now. According to fashion insiders, Fall 2020 included lots of menswear-inspired footwear, and combat boot will trend into fall 2020. Loafers with tassels are one example of upcoming footwear trends, and combat boots remained on the scene. There are different styles of combat boots, making it a trend that can be individualized according to taste and style.

Combat Boots Trend Into Fall 2020

If you’ve never loved combat boots, and I’m losing you, please read on just a little bit further. I love a gorgeous and feminine boot, though there is something about combat boots that put an extra spring in my step. They are an unexpected choice of footwear. Particularly during the winter and fall months, they offer a level of security and sure-footedness. They are badass!

Combat boots

Snakeskin Embossed Combat Boot

I chose this combat boot for it’s unique snakeskin embossed texture and its elevated sole. The patent leather finish made them feel slightly more feminine than an older pair of black leather combat boots I already own. Diversity is good, right? This boot has extra long laces that can be wrapped around the shaft a couple of times. There is a loop in the back of the boot that the laces feed through. Not only does it keep things tidy, it’s a unique detail. And in case you were wondering if it might be a lot of work to put these boots on and take them off, I have good news for you. There is a convenient zipper on the inside of the boot, making for a lot less work.

Combat boots Combat boots trend into fall 2020

Variety of Styles

So here is where it starts to get fun. There are so many styles of combat boots! From thick and elevated soles, to pairs that have a heel, from black to white, and every shade in between. There are logo laiden boots, fur trimmed, bedazzled options, the possibilities are endless.

Combat boots  Combat boots

Combat boots

Combat boots

Tell me, do you love a combat boot? What’s your favorite style of combat boot to trend into Fall 2020?

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