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She Styled It: Amy Lynn Garza

 Amy Lynn Garza Amy Lynn Garza

She Styled It: Amy Lynn Garza

The “She Styled It” series is a weekly series featuring other bloggers sharing details about their outfits, and describing what style means to them. Here’s how it works…the subject selects an item from their wardrobe and styles it two to three different ways

Amy Lynn Garza is a mother of three and a total beauty. Check out her Instagram @stylinwithamylynn and I’m sure you’ll agree that Amy has a special knack for elevating everyday looks into “fashion”, yet at the same time making them look totally wearable for her busy, everyday life. Her looks are glam, yet also have a sweet side to them, maybe that’s her secret sauce for always looking fab!

Over the Knee Boots

1) What piece did you choose to style and what made you choose it?

I’m sharing how to style over-the-knee boots, from pairing them with jeans and a turtleneck, to a flared skirt and sweater, or a long tunic sweater, I love the versatility they bring to a wardrobe!

2) Is there anything that inspires your fashion choices?

Mostly my moods and my creativity! Sometimes I’ll throw a random handle of clothing pieces on the floor together to see if any outfits “jump” out at me.

3) What does the word “style” mean to you?

I believe that style represents an evolution of an individual’s expression. It’s ever-changing and knows no limits!


Amy Lynn Garza Amy Lynn Garza
Amy Lynn Garza Amy Lynn Garza

Amy Lynn’s boots can be found here, and link to her rewardStyle profile, where she receives a small commission.

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