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I’m Thankful for…A List From a Fashion Perspective


I’m Thankful for…A List From a Fashion Perspective

I’m thankful for my family,  good health, my cozy home, and big-hearted friends. There are other things I am thankful for in my life too. Here is what I’m thankful for…a list from a fashion perspective.


I’m Thankful for…High Waisted Leggings

Need I say more? You ladies know what I mean by this. Whether I’m bending over to pick up the kids, doing burpees at Orangetheory, or cleaning out a closet at home, I’m grateful for the added support of high waisted leggings.

high waisted leggings

Over the Knee Boots

I will probably wear variations of these boots for the rest of my life. Nothing makes an outfit look sleeker, sexier, and more stylish quicker than a pair of OTK boots. They work in all seasons. I own a variety of colors, heel heights, and materials to keep things fresh.

thanksgiving outfit ideas

Baseball Hats

I started crushing so hard on baseball hats, I recently wrote an entire blog post about them. These simple little accessories have prevented my daughter from being late many times to school. Invest in a nice one. They increase your daily productivity. Serious. Just brush your teeth, throw it on the top of your head, and leave the house.

why I started wearing baseball hats

Puffy Coats

Ahhh…puffy coats. Until about nine years ago, I had never really owned a puffy coat. Living on the west coast, and in particular Southern California, I hardly owned any winter jackets to speak of. One of the best things about moving to the east coast, other than being with my then-fiance at the time, was all the winter wardrobe shopping I had to do. I’ve now amassed a collection of puffy jackets that I plan on forever adding to.

Just had to share this adorable doggie puffer jacket that I came across when I was on one of my favorite children’s wear websites.

stylish puffy coats stylish puffy coats

Cozy & Stylish Sweatshirts

Yes, sweatshirts can be both. C&S sweatshirts are my favorite, because I like to dress as comfortably as possible when I am in my own home. Come on over for a visit and let’s be cozy and stylish together!

cozy and stylish sweatshirt I'm thankful for

So there it is. What I’m thankful for…a list from a fashion perspective. What wardrobe pieces are you thankful for this Thanksgiving, and throughout the year?

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