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10 Fun Summer Backyard Activities for the Family

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We have been using our backyard a lot lately. In these stay at home times, it does feel good to enjoy one’s own home and partake in fun summer backyard activities.

I can’t think of too many more gratifying ideas than enjoying what one already has, and for those of us lucky to have a backyard, or access to outdoor spaces, I think you know exactly what I’m talking about.  I even bring my laptop outside so I can keep an eye on the kids while still getting work done.

It’s not been all work though. We’ve had plenty of time to play! Here are some of the backyard activities we have been up to in our yard, as well as some other ideas for entertaining “in your own backyard”. Most work for adults and kids alike. After all, when the kids are entertained and happy, then the adults can relax a little. This post was featured on NBC-22 Mass Appeal, watch the segment!

10 Fun Summer Backyard Activities:

Summer Backyard Activities for the Family featured by top MA life and style blogger, Jaimie Tucker. Image of a woman wearing tennis court chic style fashion

1. Play Cornhole Toss

The classic game is loved by everyone. I think of being in upstate New York in the Finger Lakes region. One of my favorite games I ever played of cornhole was lakeside with my with my daughter when she was a toddler.  It’s actually a great developmental tool for kids, helping to improve their hand and eye coordination.

Summer Backyard Activities for the Family featured by top MA life and style blogger, Jaimie Tucker: play cornhole toss


2. Have an Outdoor Movie Screening

There are quite a variety of outdoor movie projector and screen setups. This screen is reasonably priced, and received hundreds of good reviews on Amazon. It also is lightweight, yet sturdy, and appears easy to set up on the fly. You may have a specific set up in mind for your backyard, so browse around, there are screens that are massive,  screens that are inflatable, you name it.

3. Win at Both Badminton and Volleyball

This package doubles as a badminton and volleyball set up. It has everything you need to play either game. Fun, and exercise!

4. Play Croquet

I enjoyed playing croquet as a kid, and I jumped at the chance to introduce the game to my own kids. By clicking through on this link you will be able to see a variety of croquet sets, from beginner to vintage, and they are all priced according to the style and materials used.


5. Drinks Around the Firepit

Imagine sitting around a fire with a few friends, enjoying drinks. This outdoor firepit comes with a cover, has a metal screen over the top for safety, and goes with a variety of patio furniture. The description includes easy assembly and free shipping.


6. Sand and Water Table Sensory Play

It is mind boggling how many hours my children have spent standing at their outdoor play table. Seriously, if I had to pick one “toy” that has probably been the best investment, I would pick this one. Not just because of the amount of use it’s gotten, though also because it’s a sensory toy, it’s for outside, and a couple kids at a time can stand around interacting together.

7. Get into Gardening

Gardening is totally trending at the moment! People are discovering the meditative benefits of being outdoors, and the focus and care that tending to plants requires. Gardening can be a therapeutic and personal experience. It can also be a learning opportunity for adults and kids alike. This gardening set has all the essentials and is well made. It would also make a great gift!

8. Game On with a Home Dual Shot Basketball Arcade Game

Who doesn’t like arcade games? Future professional athletes and novices alike will enjoy a friendly game of arcade basketball. These games are not as expensive as you might think. This is one of the premium sets available on Amazon, yet there are others that cost much, much less. $299.99

9. Create a Reading Nook with a Cocoon Chair

We had a hanging cocoon chair when I was growing up. I thought it was the coolest thing. Cocoon, or egg chairs, are making a comeback, and some of the most popular styles are those that are hanging. Your decor style and budget will influence options, though this hanging chair is reasonably priced and goes with a variety of decor tastes. Me, I’m going to see if my parents still have their chair. I can imagine cozying up in it with a good book, and then allowing myself to fall asleep for a nap. What a wonderful way to spend some time!

Amazon Favorites: Best of Summer Backyard Essentials featured by top MA life and style blogger, Jaimie Tucker: cocoon chair


10. Have a Water Balloon Fight

Imagine the laughter a water balloon fight will bring on! Adults and kids alike will get their competitive streak going in a water balloon battle! A winner of Toy of the Year Awards, this set contains over 330 water balloons that can be blown up in minutes with a hose, and are self sealing. One of the coolest things about this particular brand, Zuru, is that they’re partnered with recycling leader Terracycle. Once the fun is over, you can collect the plastic pieces, pop them in a postage paid box, and send them to Terracycle for upcycling. No environmental guilt, just fun! $27.99

Amazon Favorites: Best of Summer Backyard Essentials featured by top MA life and style blogger, Jaimie Tucker: water balloon fight


What about you? What summer backyard activities do you enjoy with your family? Have you ever tried any of the above? Let me know in a comment below!

This piece was featured on NBC-22 Mass Appeal, watch the segment!


xo, Jaimie
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20 thoughts on “10 Fun Summer Backyard Activities for the Family

  1. lots of awesome finds that would make any backyard bbq that much more fun! Love it! xoxo, Sarah

  2. While I’m in a townhome community right now and don’t have a backyard, I’m sure I will one day, and these ideas are all so fun! I think my husband and I would get a lot of use out of cornhole, the basketball arcade game, and the egg chair!

    1. Thanks for sharing Stephanie! Isn’t it interesting how all the nostalgic activities like cornhole, and egg chairs are coming back around? Happy Summer xo

  3. These aRe all such Great Ideas! I have such fond memories as a kid PlaYing with water balloons in the backyard! This list gives me such nostalgia! Xo

    1. Thanks for sharing Jamaria! I have a lot of fun memories as a kid also with water play in the backyard. Happy Summer xo

  4. I had an outdoor movie night with friends a few weeks ago while the weather was cooler! it was such a fun way to spend the evening.

    1. That sounds so fun Anna! I know we all want to be out, though it feels good to use our homes and backyards xo

  5. Corn hole is so much fun. Also, thanks for the screeN recommenDation. We have a Huge back yard and have been wanting one

    1. Thank you for your feedback Emely! Hope you end up finding the screen that works well for you, and enjoy many hours of outdoor movies. Cheers! xo

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